(Intro) Jesus You died upon a cross, And rose again to save the lost, Forgive me now of all my sin, Come be my Savior, Lord and Friend Change my life and. Read The Salvation Poem from the story Superbook Songs by JesusnJoySuperbook with reads. salvationpoem, superbook, songs. (Intro) Jesus You died. The Salvation Poem Lyrics (Superbook Theme Song) - Video. The latest episode of CBN's Superbook series tackles the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and.

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    Super Book Song

    Superbook. Superbook. CBN's new Superbook is an Emmy-nominated, state-of- the-art animation series that is capturing the hearts of children young and old. Celebrate the joy of Christ-centered praise with a special Superbook Songs DVD and audio CD bundle! Sing, dance, and praise the Lord with 16 action-filled. Superbook Theme Song Lyrics at Lyrics On Demand.

    For series one, the Japanese opening song was adapted for the English version as the closing. Most other foreign language versions were adapted from the English dub and use either the English language themes or adaptations thereof, an exception being the Italian dub, which has a completely original song and keeps the Japanese opening and closing animation. Berserk Button : In one episode, Joy has a dream about a dress that she wants but that keeps flying away from her when she draws near to it. As a surprise, Chris's mother downloads Joy an exact replica of the dress in the dream, but when Joy tries it on, it's too small for her. Chris jokes that the meaning of Joy's dream must have been that she wasn't supposed to have the dress, because she's too fat for it. Joy doesn't find this funny and begins angrily chasing him around the house. Bible Times Bowdlerise : A number of the Bible stories were altered to make them more kid-friendly. The story of Joshua, as told here, portrays Rahab as an innocent woman bullied by the soldiers of Jericho she was actually a whore , and completely ignores the fact that every living thing in Jericho, apart from her and her family, were slain. In Japanese, it's a bilingual pun, as the character's name is Yuu. It also left the English dubbers little choice but to rename him Uriah, or Uri for short. Chest Insignia : Again, the letter U on Uri's shirt. Christian Fiction : Your mileage may vary on whether the Bible stories themselves are fiction, but the stories in the "real" or "modern" world at the beginning and end of each episode definitely count. Clark Kenting : After Uri and Gizmo go to the computer and never went back for days, Chris and Joy have to make excuses to Chris' mother before she gets worried. Thus she gets mad when Chris doesn't seem to reciprocate and shows signs of jealousy whenever Chris looks upon beautiful women like Eve and Queen of Sheba. In reply to Chris's comment that Sheba is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, Joy huffs, "I thought you liked blondes!

    Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. The Superbook Show —. Rate This. Season 3 Episode All Episodes Joette Blackman.

    Superbook Songs, Vol. 1

    Joette Blackman story , Sean Gaffney. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Brooke Blackman Dancer Quinn Doak Quinn Lawrence Mitchell Dancer Josh Orobia Dancer Emma Teixeira Dancer Alitheia West Alitheia MollyJean Wick Parents Guide: Edit Details Official Sites: Official Site.

    Release Date: Production Co: Add the first question.

    Edit page. Deranged Animation : Occurs whenever the kids travel through time Extremely Dusty Home : Or extremely dusty attic, anyway, in episode 1 of the first series. It's so dusty that Chris has to wear a mask to clean it. But it's also how he and Joy discover Superbook.

    It's Jesus, a song by Superbook on Spotify

    She's portrayed similar to Shizuka from Doraemon in that although she seems to be somewhat of a goody-goody at first glance, she has her own character flaws, including jealousy and a tendency to lose her temper whenever Chris teases her. Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act : Despite their attempts to, something always happens that prevents the kids and Gizmo from preventing any of the bad things from happening, thereby ensuring events play out as they did.

    One example was Gizmo running towards Eve to stop her from eating from the Forbidden Fruit. And he would have succeeded, if not for his gears winding down at exactly that moment, immobilizing him as the Fall from the Garden happened. Chris then tried to stop Eve - but the snake lunged at him and blocked his passage.

    Played with in the "First Christmas" episode - Gizmo managed to push two soldiers, who were looking to hunt down and kill the baby Jesus at King Herod's order and threatened Chris when Chris tried to stop them , off a cliff.

    It ended up being a moot point, because Mary and Joseph were instructed in a dream to return home by a different route to avoid Herod's soldiers.

    Liar Revealed : The opening vignette of the "Samson and Delilah" episode features Chris lifting a barbell with the promise that his father will raise his allowance if he makes it to one hundred repetitions.

    When he makes it to one hundred, his father and Joy are thrilled - until Ruffles, the dog, picks up the barbell in her mouth.

    Other books: MADE IN JAPAN PDF

    Peeper: Why, that barbell's a fake! It's just a toy!

    The Superbook Theme Song

    Joy: [angrily, to Chris] Yeah! You're a fake, too!

    My Grandson Myself : How Chris and Joy explain looking the same when they meet the same person decades apart. Names to Know in Anime : One future "big name" showing up in the credits is episode director Kazuo Yamazaki, who would later become the series director of comedy hits like Urusei Yatsura , Maison Ikkoku , and The Slayers. Narrator : Superbook, who knew.

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